History & Heritage
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Dahl Naval was founded in 2003 by boating enthusiast Henrik Dahl who saw a void in the RIB market that could be filled. With the aim to construct high-quality, well-designed and great performance RIBs Dahl Naval was born.

In 2004 the first model, a Dahl 27c was launched. The impeccable quality of the build set the tone of the high standard that was to become a Dahl Naval trademark.

In the spring of 2005 the Dahl 36 ”Vilda” was launched and immediately created an echo all over Scandinavia (and later Northern Europe)  through the publicity and buzz that surrounded the record-breaking races that Dahl 36 initiated and took part in.

In the end of 2014 Dahl Naval took the step to build a cabin boat without tubes. Dahl P10 is designed together with Ted Mannerfelt and the first Dahl P10 was launched in the summer of 2015, the Dahl P10 is built for both leisure and the commercial market.

Today Dahl Naval manufacture several different standard models for the leisure market and the commercial line has the capability to design and build custom made boats up to 80 feet in our own facilities.



All Dahl models are born and constructed with the help of an exclusive team of specialists. The boats are handcrafted and built in our own facilities.

”All Dahl exterior design is made to enhance the durability and the extreme strength, rigidity and resistance of the construction.”

says Chief Designer Cristiano Capra. ”So my take is simply that functionality shouldn´t restrict the design – the design should accentuate and strengthen the existing quality and functionality.”

Swedish Blue Ribbon

The record-breaking Dahl 36 Vilda was developed to stand the test of high seas whilst traveling at great speeds. On the 10th of august 2006 Team Dahl Naval smashed the record for the Swedish Blue Ribbon with Vilda by more than three hours. The new – and current – record time traveling from Ystad, the southernmost town in Sweden, to Haparanda on the northeast coast is 15h and 26min

The Round Britain Race

Dahl 36 Vilda also competed in the worlds biggest offshore race ”The Round Britain Race” in 2008. After 10 days racing Dahl 36 Vilda finished of 47 contestants in a honorable 3rd overall place and 2nd in it´s class.